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The unexpected can happen In a moment. However, while you can’t predict the future, you can be prepared for It. Ensure you and your family are covered with health, life, and dental & vision policies from Alpine Agency.

Are You Getting the Most From Your Insurance?

Which Insurance Plans Are Right For You?

The enrollment process can be overwhelming to your mind and your wallet, but it doesn’t have to be. The first step to success is being prepared for enrollment, that’s why we created the free Health Insurance Enrollment Checklist. If you are struggling to get started and are overwhelmed with all of your options, download our FREE checklist today.

Is it Time to Enroll?

There are a number of time frames in which you may be eligible to enroll in healthcare and supplementary insurance coverage.

Individual and Family Enrollment

If you are self-insured, meaning you do not have insurance benefits from an employer or benefits that are paid for by a family member, the typical timeframe that you would enroll in health insurance is called the “Open Enrollment Period” which takes place November 1 – December 15 each year. If you have special circumstances such as loss of employer coverage, marriage, had a baby, moved or relocated, you may qualify for what is called a ‘Special Enrollment Period.” This can take place any time of year, and you will not be penalized.

Life Insurance Enrollment

In addition to the basic life insurance, your healthcare coverage will include, we provide stand-alone supplemental options that cover your specific needs. To learn more about your options and when the best time to enroll is, contact the experts at Alpine Agency!

Dental & Vision Enrollment

Many dental and vision carriers offer plans you can get year-round, often providing better coverage, as opposed to bundling with a health plan. There is no “open enrollment period” for dental and vision plans in the same manner as health plans.

Individual & Family Healthcare Plans

Your health is too important to leave your insurance plan up to guesswork. Selecting the wrong plan can leave you in a world of hurt. At Alpine Agency, we understand the importance of getting your health insurance plan right.

Life Insurance

In addition to the basic life insurance, your healthcare coverage will include, we provide further supplemental options that cover your specific needs.

Dental & Vision

Life can happen unexpectedly. But with expert guidance from the Alpine Agency, you’ll be able to obtain quality vision and dental plans at an affordable price.

Download your FREE Health Insurance Enrollment Checklist

To live your best life, you need health care coverage that’s a great fit for your health and budget. Navigating all of the options on your own can leave you exhausted and confused. At Alpine Agency, we believe you deserve better. That’s why we created our free Health Insurance Enrollment Checklist.

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